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As we snuggle into Winter,  this is my perfect time of year for introspection and getting cozy with our favorite winter home favorites. I love any opportunity to reorganize my home and swap around decor, while still cherishing my favorites.

During college, my closest friends were Swedish. Spending time together, especially in the vibrant home of my best friend, during the winter holiday season felt both magical and warm. A combination that still evokes creative inspiration for me now. I always loved seeing how my friends would change decor each season, true to their Swedish heritage and rhythms. 

As I have taken on more nomadic living spaces, moving and traveling around different coasts and cities over the years, I’ve adopted what I call an eclectic minimalism style. Collecting small elements of personal meaning and necessity versus hauling a huge household of belongings became crucial. 

A true virgo, I love my warm and airy neutrals matched with strong statement blacks, but I also find inspiration in splashes of subtle color. I also find warmth and texture in florals, candles, and in self care practices! Inspiration is literally everywhere…

Let’s Get Cozy

Winter is the perfect time to bring in elements of texture, scents, color, and style to awaken your senses and re-inspire your creative flow. To romanticize your life at every opportunity…

Here are a few of my Winter home essentials:

Winter wellness woman in bath I Chaos & Calm

Winter Well-Being

This is also the perfect season to honor your self-care and wellness. I find the winter months to be both full of crisp airy inspirations and dark inner introspection matching the cold winter nights. Extra yummy to center attention around hydration, nourishing practices, and awakening creativity. Here are my favorites:


  • Water- Quality water and plenty of it is key to maintaining that winter glow. I aim for about 1/2 my body weight in oz. per day. Especially if I also have any caffeine or alcohol.
  • Face + Body Hydration- Lotions are my love language. Hydration starts from the inside out
  • Lymph Massage- Perfect cold weather ritual to unwind and help your system flourish
  • Quality Supplements-Always a must, but especially in cold months when I don’t spend as much outdoors!
  • Sleep- At this point, we all know I am a pro sleeper…but seriously, this one winter essential is above the rest (Yes- that is an intentional pun).


Foods, Rhythms, and Words- My winter home is full of life from within. That starts with how my morning begins. I love slow rising and taking as long as possible to get moving. Finding nourishment in my daily rhythms, my words, and also in the foods I eat is what helps me find joy in times when the days can drag long.

  • Slow rising + AM breath work
  • Finding your words
  • Letting your rhythms be slower. Taking time to dance in the day or move in a way that lets you sync to the slow of the winter.
  • Nourishing foods and juices


Winter is the perfect to amp up on the body care to not only awaken the senses but also awaken the glow. I enjoy taking a few extra moments in the morning or evening to self massage with body oil or a body scrub in the shower. In the AM, having my lemon water and energy drink for extra boost is the key to bringing out the inner sunshine, even on cold , cloudy days.

  • Lemon Water + Energy Supplements
  • Body Scrub
  • Orange Osea Oil

Love Note,

Wishing you the most beautiful of winter seasons…Where even in the darkest nights, you feel inspired and connected to your inner light and warmth.

Xoxo, Georgie

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