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The best stuff in life is in the beautiful, and ever changing balance between Chaos & Calm...In the Calm.
All the answers, the beginnings, the big leaps, the wisdom, the power, the love... Tune in as we dive deep into it all!

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Cozy into your favorite spot and let's dive deep into all things life, wellness, beauty, career, spirituality, intuition, other dimensions, and my personal fav... quantum leaps.

Join me and my amazing guests as we expand our lives, minds, and tool kits. It's been a crazy, wild, ride...and I can't wait to share all my stories, perspectives, and tools I've learned along the way so you can focus more on living your most realized life.



Kinda feel like we're already besties? Good! Me, too.

I feel like you are 100% here for a matter how our paths may have crossed, I am SO honored! This place is my heart. + truth...where I get to show up authentic and transparent AF about anything and everything!  Mostly,  we dive deep into wellness, health, beauty, career, relationships, and other dimension. And of course quantum up-levels!


Deep, life-changing conversations, AND living in style is your thing.

You could talk all day about how energetics impacts everything in our lives...and how fun it is to dance in that!

You can't get enough of all things wellness, beauty, career, intuitive gifts, spirituality, quantum up-levels + more

Come hang out with guest experts, friends, and solo episodes with me as we dive deep into all things wellness, beauty, career, other dimensions and my fav...quantum up-levels!

— Kerry

“This podcast changed my life. I feel more grounded and less stressed, really. I've listened to every episode and a few several times! I just love the actionable tools Georgiana shares and also I feel like each guest I hear from shifts my perspective in a whole new way. Loveeee it!”

— ChristinaVine

“What a great podcast! Georgie is an amazing host with years of experience in various healing modalities. Her energy feels so warm and welcoming. Tune in weekly for healing and consciousness expanding conversations!”

— d.a.n.a.t

“G is truly one of a kind, and the type of person that always makes you feel better after talking with her. 
I know this podcast will be no different!”

— crsteezy

“I love being invited into Georgiana's presence. She is so warm and welcoming. If feel like I'm catching up with a best friend. An experience that is full of encouragement, exposure to new ideas, all wrapped up in a nonjudgemental wrapping. I can't wait to keep learning from her and soaking up all her good vibes!”

— holliemama

“Love Georgiana's authentic and comfortable style with her guests- and the topics here are so helpful!!! Leveling up our mindset and changing our perspective on challenges in our lives is so powerful! So happy to add this to my weekly podcast line up!”

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Get your weekly dose of inspiration and expansion! Join us where ever you get your podcasts for inspiring and transformative solo episodes, expert guests and stories that will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted, and empowered to take on the world! Basically your new favorite self-care ritual!