Who says life can't be luxe, successful, fun, wild, adventurous, beautiful, healthy, elevated, transformative AND deeply spiritual?

I'm Georgie -A visionary, expander, quantum healer, strategist, and business + life mentor. I also love and breathe all things wellness, beauty, fashion, travel and living beautifully.

For decades I've manifested most every dream and vision I've set out to, and helped others do the same. This is my "home" where I get to share my favorite passions, stories and adventures, musings, insights, resources, and tools... For your beautifully empowered, luxe life full of inspiration + elevation!

I'm like a modern day life + business Shaman who also loves designer shoes and luxe living.

I'm like a Modern day Life + Business Shaman, who also loves designer shoes and luxe living.

Life is way too short for that non-sense!

And has a way of aligning you to exactly where you need to be at the perfect time. I've lived out many lives and roles already. Brand and business strategist, entrepreneur, seer and healer, artist, producer, start-up consultant and many more. 

In truth, the who I am and how I've been able to live so many lives (and dreams) seeds from my learning how to trust the knowing and diving into this fully. Not always easy…but 1,000,000% worth it.

I created Chaos & Calm to celebrate and honor the unbelievable magic and beauty that happens when we just dive in.  When we can find love, or at least peace, in letting it all be a bit messy. This is the place where anything and everything is possible. I know... because I've lived it.

My hope is that in connecting us in our journeys, perspectives, tools and resources,  passions, and wild adventures of living...we can whole heartily dive into finding out what IS possible!

So, cheers to your inspiration, activation, empowerment, and greatest adventures yet!

xoxo, Georgie

As a kid, I didn't know multi-dimensional living wasn't a common thing, until I did... 

Deep understanding, explorative conversations, "seeing," "knowing," channeling, and hanging out with other dimensions as a 3 year old was totally normal for me. Definitely not as normal in school or on the playgrounds. Luckily, being outside-the-box has never deterred my trust in the adventure...

It was pretty clear I saw and lived in the world in my own unique way. That was the beginning of my segmenting different parts of who I was, and the way my life looked. 

I always felt like each area of our lives had to fit inside some nice little box... our dreams, our careers, our loves. 

IN A Snapshot

You can literally check the "all" box. Show up for all that you love and live life on your terms.

Maybe it's my 3/5 Projector-ness, or just learned life experience- but babes no matter how wild, unexpected or stuck life feels IT CAN ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT. No need to box it in, lock it up, or dim that light. You are here to show up for ALL that your precious, beautiful heart, desires. So let's show the F-up and go all in... and of course, it will be in style.

What I'm 


Living from the heart, Alignment in Truth, Beautiful Conversations,  Multi-Dimensional Living. I love diving deep into the depths of the Universe Anddd I love my designer shoes, clean beauty + that Luxe Life! It gets to be ALL.

What I'm 


We already ARE. As fun and exciting as it is to elevate, transform, learn, grow, and expand...we already are. There is incredible joy, purpose, and empowerment in showing up for all of it.

What I'm 

not about

Not living from your heart. Hiding your shine and greatness. False promises. Excuses. Anyone who lies, is shitty, or mistreats others is definitely not welcome here.

what I


In the beauty and magic of you!!! We are SOOOO amazing and I believe in our ability to pretty much do anything we set our intentions (and minds) to. Dream and Live as big as you dare my loves!

We already ARE.
As fun and exciting as it is to elevate, transform, learn, grow, and expand... we already are. There is incredible joy, purpose, and empowerment in showing up for all of it.

3/5 Emotional Projector

Virgo Sun, Aries Rising, Sagittarius Moon

Enneagram- 3 wing 2

rapid fire...


tres chic


meditate + hydrate!

Swim              SEA
DRINK        WILD AIR.   

in the




Mon Coeur, Ma Vie!