Georgiana Alexander

Chaos & Calm

With a 26 yrs worth of experience in branding, marketing and hosting, I was looking for a way to bring it all together. 

A way to bring together my love of branding, marketing, and content with my passion for connecting others with tools, education, and resources.

Chaos & Calm was the way. It's my place for creating quality content in the areas of wellness, health, beauty, fashion, career and business development, travel, and spiritual evolution. Tapping into my career in branding and marketing, and building a community of deeply passionate individuals looking to elevate their lives.

About My Audience

My community are savvy, spiritual, wellness focused, style-conscious, brand-aware women who and shop at brands like Goop, Revolve, FarFetch, Sephora, as well as know the best finds on Amazon. They are driven entrepreneurs or career minded leaders who appreciate both quality, style, and purpose in the brands they support.

  • Primarily women ages 27-45

  • enjoy personal, Educational, informal content

  • respond to  Aspirational Lifestyle content + humor

  • particularly enjoy my reels, STORIEs + PODCASTS
  • Primarily women ages 27-45
  • enjoy personal, Educational, informal content
  • respond to  Aspirational Lifestyle content + humor
  • particularly enjoy my reels, STORIEs + PODCASTS



Whole Foods Market

SouthEast Region
Hosting- Community Engagement Programs

Harry Winston's

Beverly Hills.
Brand Ambassador- Academy Awards


Hosting- Community Engagement Event



Speaking + Hosting

Instagram Lives

Brand Loyalty


Basically, We LOVE deep and meaningful relationship building with community... and it shows.

Community Engagement

client list

It's been an honor to work in partnership with such incredible brands, companies, and people over the past 26 years on events, collaborations, projects, branding, and consulting. Here's the shortlist:

Harry Winston, Modern Luxury, SLS Hotels, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Saks Fifth Avenue, Whole Foods Market, Coca-Cola, Enjoy Beauty, Pepsi, 42 Below, Rockstar Energy, Prudential, CycleBar, Pure Barre, Grammys,  and more.

Harry Winston
SLS Hotels
Ralph Lauren
Hugo Boss
Saks Fifth Avenue
Whole Foods
Enjoy Beauty
42 Below
Modern Luxury
Rockstar Energy

There are a million influencers + creators.
Here's why I'm different:


This is a community.

Alignment + Integrity matter. My community trusts that I only work with brands I love. And why that trust + loyalty translates into conversions.


Our Media Company

With our in-house media parent, we can provide luxury quality service video, audio + content creation that is the Chef's Kiss!


26 Yrs in Branding + marketing

Campaigns, projects, hosting, speaking or in community events...This means working with partner who understands and values the same results and quality you do!


My specialty when it comes to content is community, authenticity, and inspirational- aspiration. I love having aligned opportunities to expand partnerships and collaborations with my brands in an organic + authentic way.

Q. What do prices for collaboration look like?

Everything that we do with our partners, clients and project is customized to be a win-win for everyone. If it feels like the right fit to work together, we then move forward to discuss budgets and deliverables. Let us know what your ideas, budgets, projects, or campaign needs look like when you reach out!

Q. What are your deliverables? 

We love organic engagement with our audience through aspirational, inspirational, and educational content! Whether IRL at events or retreats or online through our social media channels, youtube, podcasts, or lives...we create engaging custom content that deeply resonates with our community and that extends to brands we trust and love.

Have an idea or a project that you want to work together on? Great! We love aligned partners, opportunities, and projects! Send us an inquiry or reach out at and let us know your idea, schedule needs, budgets, size, and any other specific details. We look forward to chatting! 

Q.How do we work together?


Let’s Collaborate

Who doesn't love a good brand collaboration story? We LOVE working with brands and partners that align. If you feel like that's you...Let's Chat!