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What’s Your Energetic Style?



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What is Energetic Style?

Personal style is an influence of so many things. What we see in magazines, what we see around us that seems cool, and also what’s available in the places we shop. Luckily online shopping has opened up that last one to world- wide possibilities.

When we talk about our energetic style, it’s a little different. It’s like playing dress-up or playing a role, but a very intentional one that merges both who we are and what we want to attract into our lives.

We manifest with our thoughts, or affirmations, our emotions, our intentions…and also, oh yes, we also can manifest with our style.

Using Style & Fashion as a Manifestation Tool

I’ve loved fashion, dress-up and style since I was a kid. I would pour over the latest fashion magazines for hours and watch any runway show I could find access to. Knowingly and unknowingly seeking out, and learning about, what visuals and textures would evoke and activate particular emotions, moods, and even parts of my personality. For me it was play. As I got older, and the longer I incorporated this play into my life, it became massively clear that the way I style was an intuitive act of creation and manifestation. A life by design. 

I was creating attraction, manifestation, and experiences using my style as a tool to help me fully call in whatever it was I was working on. This became the perfect blend of tangible, emotional, visual, and future me. Most importantly, I freaking loved it!

Using energetic style as a manifestation and creation tool is a bit different than just playing dress up. I wasn’t just playing a role, like in a movie. I was making very intentional decisions about what I wanted to manifest or draw into my life and using style as an activation tool to help me manifest it faster. Like attracts like.

How does it work?

Everything in our lives is energy. Literally everything and anything. Whether you realize it or not, you’re making millions (or more) decisions based on energy in your daily life. Attracting what you want or what is a match for you, and the rest is just kinda hanging out waiting for its moment to shine. Obviously, this is a simplified interpretation of how energetics work…but hey, simple works right?! 

The same way you may gravitate towards a certain style when you are in certain moods… we gravitate towards energetic styles when we want to attract or create in our lives. The key distinction, awareness and intention.

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Research…But Make it Fun!

  • Dive into research, but make it fun!
  • Look at what is inspiring your next chapter
  • Meditate, Journal, Inform what vision or feeling you want to create and take notes of what vision, idea, or information comes to you!

List of words, collection of images that make sense to you. This could be of clothes or fashion, or it could be home decor, travel, animals. Any elements that inspire you and evoke a similar feeling to what you are wanting to create. Remember, it only has to make sense to you.

Non-specific manifestors vs specific…

This can take a bit of practice, but essentially look at any time in your life where you attract or have manifested and think on what helped you. Was it knowing the specifics? Was it evoking a feeling? Or maybe looking at visuals of what you wanted and getting really excited by it. 

Styling as a manifestation tool is both visual and tangible. We are working with what elements inspire in you a match to what you want to create.

Setting the intentions.  

Now that you’re clear on the vision of what you want to manifest, it’s time to put the pieces together. This begins with setting the intention. If you could name the style, next chapter, or vision you have from all that amazing research you did, what would it be? 

Energized, healthy, joyful. Or maybe luxury, Parisian, chic. Confident, classic, easeful. The possibilities are endless, and entirely up to you!

Once you have your words in mind. Set the intention. This is exactly like making up your mind on something. Yes, I want sushi for dinner. Yes, I want my new car in red. Yes, I am luxe, Parisian, chic.

You get the gist.

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Dressing the Part…The life you choose 

For the fun part! Styling!

You may or may not know that in my former life, my love of fashion translated into creative directing and  styling for brands, shoots, and image consulting for artists and professionals. I love fashion. Even more than fashion, I love the expression outlet it gives anyone. With any type of budget or access to fashion. You get to decide how putting things together makes you feel…and honey, that’s all that matters!

Now that you have your words and have set your intention, with each item in your wardrobe ask yourself “can I use this to create that experience?” When you have your props, or the clothes, jewelry, scarves, hats, shoes, etc. you are ready to work with…play. Dress up. Dance around. Explore how creating different looks makes you feel. And most importantly, how it evokes the energy of where you want to go!

I can’t wait to see all that you create in your lives! Make sure to tag us and let us know what journeys your energetic style takes you on!

A Few Bonus Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to get specific
  • Have fun Playing
  • Let go of your expectations
  • Be Explorative
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Expect magic in your life… when you step into your energetic style!

Xoxo, Georgie

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