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We’re Obsessed with Clean Beauty, Wellness, and Inspiration around here…

and so are our friends!

We are hanging out with Sara Vaughn, celebrity make-up artist and esthetician shares her favorite beauty, wellness, and self- love obsessions this week on In the Calm Podcast

Sara has over 21 years of experience in the television, film, and entertainment industries around the world!  She has worked with Kerry Washington, Julie Bowen, Stana Katic, Connie Britton, Elisabeth Sue, and many other actors and models. 

She founded her own beauty studio, Little Indigo in the popular Music Row neighborhood, after moving to Nashville  from Los Angeles for the show “Nashville”. 

It’s here, surrounded by the most amazing high-end products, practices, and natural beauty… that she fulfills her greatest passion-  helping everyone that walks through her doors experience their own beauty.

We met by a referral and I’ve  gotten to work with Sara several times now on my own photo shoots as well as others. She is absolutely amazing at what she does and am lucky to call her a friend.

She is the kindest, most amazing woman with zero ego party or stress. Which feels soooo good when you are sitting in a make-up chair, in full nerves or vulnerability at the mercy of the artist standing there. As in most areas of life, it takes having been through the worst to really appreciate the best.

Like the time I sat for hours (and spent a small fortune) getting my make-up done before a major event, only to immediately wash it all off and do it myself the moment she left the house! It was that bad.

Or the time I ended up with raccoon looking blotches circling my eyes from a product reaction, after disclosing my allergens to the esthetician.

Or the time I was electrocuted during a spa treatment, oops they used the wrong amount of voltage for the treatment…my body literally flung up off the table. 

I think because I love trying everything new, sometimes you get the bad with that…but it makes is SOOOO clear when you meet the absolute best, top quality professionals…like Sara!

Each time  I have worked with Sara, I feel such a sense of calm and always leave her feeling absolutely stunning. That’s why I am so thrilled to share with you her favorite tips and products!

You can listen to the full episode for all the wisdom and humor she shares… but now her favorites!

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Sara’s Top Tips for Beauty:

Lean into love-

Beauty, from the inside out, is about learning to love yourself. Your touch, time, attention and learning to explore your own, unique beauty.  Always easier said than done, but learning how to give yourself the love you’ve always wanted is an act of empowerment that will completely ripple outward into every area of your life.

Savor the small moments-

Yes, beauty and wellness practices are about looking and feeling good on the outside. They are also about savoring small moments of precious quiet time, getting to use the time you wash your face or apply your lotion to take a few extra deep breaths…and care for you.

Learn simple daily practices…and teach them to your kids-

It can’t ever be said enough, small simple practices are the compound to our beauty and wellness practices. Start with washing your face each evening to get the day and makeup off. Teaching kids these practices early on, like washing hands or brushing teeth, give them a lifetime foundation for well-being.

Water, Hydration, and Sleep-

Can’t say it enough…It’s all about hydration and sleep. Making sure you drink clean water, get those minerals your body and skin are craving, and good quality sleep will do more for your beauty and mind than you can possibly imagine!

Find the right products and routine steps for you and your skin-

Many times we just make do with what we have, but it will be mind blowing for you to see the difference of what finding the right products for your skin needs at each phase of life looks like! Check in with Sara or find someone you trust for help discovering products that work for you!

Sara’s Top 9 Favorite Products:

The short list of all her favorite products to use in the studio and on set!

1. Replenishing Oil Cleanser

Marie Veronique Replenishing Oil Cleanser 4 fl oz / 120 ml. Non-stripping. Smoothes skin with SOD + OMEGA-6 OILS. Stimulates circulation. Removes sunscreen + makeup.

2. Gentle Hydrating Cleanser with Marine Peptides

3. Balancing HypoTonic with Beta-Glucan and d-Panthenol

4. C-Therapy Serum

Marie Veronique C-Therapy Serum 1 oz / 30 ml. VIT-C for sensitive/symptomatic/aging skin. New/genius C derivatives deliver nourishment, clear + brighten.

5. Multi- Retinol Night Emulsion

6. Intense Replenishing Serum with Glycolipids

7. Harmonize- Microbiome Boosting Moisturizer

8. Opti Crystal- Liquid Crystal Eye Serum

9. Gleam + Glow SPF 50- Daily Radiance Moisturizer

More to explore:

Connect with Sara:

Visit Sara’s Studio Little Indigo located in the very cool and historical Music Row neighborhood at 1604 16th Ave S, Nashville TN 37212

Use code CALM for 10% off your first service (*exp 9-15-23)

Or find her on INSTAGRAM @the.littleindigo

Listen to In the Calm episode with Sara to get all the best beauty tips for every age!

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Can’t wait to see you glowing from the inside out! And let me know which ones are your favorites.


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