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Is Water the Ancient Healing Tool You’ve Been Looking For?



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The Secret Conscious Intelligence & Ancient Wisdom of Water with Veda Austin

Recently I had the honor of sitting in conversation with the incredible Veda Austin. 

Veda is a leading expert in water. She is a water researcher, photographer and artist, author, and international speaker. Veda’s focus of research  is in the state between water and ice, and specifically water’s consciousness within these states.

In this presentation, Veda takes us through her journey of healing, exploration, and her eventual passion with the incredible consciousness of water.

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I have been familiar with Veda’s work, a bit obsessively as an observer- meaning not practicing her method, for years now. Being in conversation with her, getting to know her, and now calling her my friend has deeply impacted my life. 

She has brought pieces of knowledge into my life that have fully closed the gap on so many of my questions and personal experiences I’ve had as a seer and shaman. Without realizing it, I have always had a playful and communicative relationship with water. As a child I would wander into creeks, play endlessly in sinks and tubs, dance in the rain, play in the puddles, and watch all through the night as the spring lake outside my bedroom window became a portal to beings of other worlds. 

As many of you hear me talk about, my experiences with water in our atmosphere turning into plasma and then back again to water was tangible and lifesaving during my near death experience while driving off a cliff. Spoiler…I lived! (I share more of that story HERE).

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Opening Our Minds

Our world is expansive in ways our human minds have barely scratched the surface. 

In this conversation, Veda eloquently opens that reframe and offers insights into what is possible. 

The way we understand language, the way we move in time and space, and also communicate on the energy grids  across the universe. Water informs all of this.

“Through the study of water, many of my biggest questions have started to be answered.”

Veda Austin


Join us in this beautiful conversation where Veda shares her incredible journey to discovering consciousness and healing within our ancient teacher…Water.

In this presentation we dived deep into:

  • Unseen becomes Seen…The beginning of Veda’s crystallography method,now over 40,000 photos later.
  • Veda’s Near Death Experience and healing miracles
  • The Language of water
  • Quantum Physics and water
  • Luc Montagnier’s DNA teleportation discovery
  • We heal ourselves & We heal others.
  • Building a relationship with your water
  • Allowing water to teach us

There were many resources mentioned in this episode. Here are a few:

  • Dr. Carly Nuday- Water Codes
  • Laurent Costa-  Journey into the heart of water
  • Thomas Hieronymus
  • Dr Gerald Pollack

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I can’t wait to hear what you thought of this episode, how it impacted you, and if you are building a new and different relationship with water! Reach out and let me know. 


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