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New Year, New Beauty- A Clean Beauty Guide



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The new year holds such promise and freshness. For many of us, we get carried away in the promises and planning of new year’s goals, resolution, and best intentions. This year instead of adding to the guilt pile of unkept promises to yourself, I challenge you to take a different approach.

An approach where you are allowing yourself to explore new ways of loving yourself and caring for yourself versus forcing yourself into some idealized mold of how you should be. For me, I love to use the new year buzz as a love fest with myself. A way to expand how I listen to my body and my life.

What’s a more beautiful way to care for YOU than by giving yourself the gift of clean living!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when first looking at how to swap your luxury staples for cleaner options that are still gorgeous but don’t carry the toxic baggage. 

To resolve the overwhelm, I’m sharing some of my favorite clean beauty brands for where you are now. If you’re just getting started, take the time to slowly explore what you love and trade out a few products each time you are ready for replacement of your old.

Getting Started:

We all start somewhere! Take it slow, and see what works for you.

Here are a few great ideas to get you rolling on your clean beauty journey!

Going All In:

If you are ready to go all in on your New Year Clean Beauty lifestyle, these are for you!

Luxe Diva:

And for my Luxe Divas who want all looks, take a look:

No matter where you are on your clean beauty journey, remember to enjoy the adventure of loving yourself. Each step towards greater health and vibrancy deserves celebration.

There are more and more brands stepping up with clean beauty products. Have fun exploring what you love best! And let us know your favs-

Cheers to Your New Beauty Goals this New Year!

Xoxo, Georgie

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