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The editor of Chaos & Calm, a website that encompasses wellness, beauty, self-empowerment, fashion, travel, aligned business, and multi-dimensional adventures. My hope is that this space offers you the community, inspiration, tips, and tools you need to elevate in every area of your life. 




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Embracing the Woo

This past June I was honored to have my friend Jen Casey on the podcast. Jen is a brain based 7 figure coach helping coaches and entrepreneurs hone their businesses. She also is a super gifted spiritual healer. In the episode we dive into her story of awakening her spiritual gifts and a bit about her journey into business. Take a listen HERE if you haven’t already. 

Together we share a few stories of our “woo” or spiritual experiences. The intuitive, channeled, psychic events in our lives and how they came to be. In my life, it was a lineage I was born with. Sounds super cool, and honestly it really is but just like people who are now in their spiritual awakenings have challenges to overcome, it was no different for me. The challenges just looked a bit different. It wasn’t cool or trending to confess and outwardly honor your intuitive gifts. There wasn’t google to understand or navigate and validate what all the pieces meant. It was a journey, figuring it all out.

Honoring the Wholeness

For my entire life, I have lived two very distinct lives. One in truth and honor of my gifts and abilities as a futurist, channel, medium, quantum healer, and intuitive. The other, trying to fit into “normal” behavior without any mention of the first. To be honest, there were times I would try sharing about them but those conversations were never really met with positive outcomes. I just kept what I was living to myself until around my twenties. Anyone who has known me well from my 20’s on, has had some small inkling of the spiritual life I was living. But honestly it was something that I would minimize even for those who knew me best. 

Every amazing, incredible, unimaginable thing I have done, created, lived, survived, or manifested was rooted from my wholeness. My spiritual self and my 3D human self. I’ve often wondered what would have been possible if I hadn’t spent so much time trying to minimize or ignore the core of myself. I think this is something we can all relate to at least in one area of our lives, if not a ton.

That’s pretty much why now, from the top of every mountain or at least the coolest high-rise roof-top clubs…I want to scream out “You’re meant for ALL!” Be spiritual, a business boss, fashionista, beauty and wellness obsessed. You can just be you. ALL of you!

There were so many times in my life and business when my spiritual gifts were a huge asset. 

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As a futurist, where I get messages and information about future events, I’ve found that tuning into my gifts in negotiations or knowing how to structure businesses in a way that can align to the long-term goal is pretty helpful. It is also helpful when I’m working on a project where knowing trends and being able to act on them before the curve is helpful. 

Truthfully, it’s a pretty good one to use when I’m deciding what outfit to wear to an event and want to really align to the scene. Before you ask, no I haven’t tried playing the lottery using my gifts. It never felt aligned, but you do you!

Creatively, I’ve used my energetic gifts when I’m creating art or working on projects where the goal is a specific feeling. By tapping into this gift I’m able to create art, social media, copy, or music that is imbued with energetic healing and coding. So when you hear the sounds or see the art you feel empowered, peaceful, open to your own healing. 

In the episode with Jen, I shared my story of how not listening and then finally listening to my intuition actually saved my life on several occasions. I jokingly say I’m like the stubborn teenager my angelic guidance team had to try and communicate with. I finally learned to listen…and it was a literal life saver.

We all have so many different gifts. Whether or not we are conscious and activated to them or not. Leaning into letting all of ourselves show up in our lives, businesses, relationships, creatively, parenting, or anywhere is the game changer. When we trust ourselves enough to say “I see you and honor you,” without constraints or limitations, that statement lets our souls shine bright and our hearts soar.

I know. This can be scary. Personally it is a journey that I still find myself evolving on. The more I remove the segmentation of who I am in what part of my life, the more whole and trusting of myself I feel. Translated…Free AF.

 Our spiritual gifts are our humanness. 

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I honestly believe we all have incredible gifts. A unique mix and texture that is all our own. The perfect mix of all that we love, are good at, drawn to, and gifted in…our energetic texture that is unique to only us. And in the shining of these gifts…our truths… we are woven into the fabric of the world. 

You, Your spirituality, and your business selves are needed in this world, to shine bright and embrace each part of you. 

Xoxo, Georgie

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