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Welcome Loves- I'm SO excited to get to share my passions, perspectives, and life stories with you. 

  Life is such a beautiful, wild, crazy, unreal...Adventure. Let's make our magic, Live the Dream Lives, Be the boldest versions of ourselves and Show the F* up to live it to the fullest!

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A Splash of Inspiration...or the Perfect Starting Point for Your  Up-Level. Check out The Calm List for our fav Wellness & Beauty must haves!


Your wellness/fashion/beauty obsessed, modern day shaman...

Who says life can't be luxe, successful, fun, wild, adventurous, beautiful, healthy, elevated, transformative AND deeply spiritual?

I'm Georgie -A visionary, expander, quantum strategist, and business + life mentor. I also love and breathe all things wellness, beauty, fashion, travel and living beautifully.

For decades I've manifested most every dream and vision I've set out to, and helped others do the same. This is my "home" where I get to share my favorite passions, stories and adventures, musings, insights, resources, and tools... For your beautifully empowered, luxe life full of inspiration + elevation!


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The Podcast

Your go-to hang for all things up-level! Deep dive with me into inspiration, wellness, beauty, entrepreneurship, spirituality, dimensional realities, and my fav... quantum leaps.

Top Episodes

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The Best Workout Routine I've Ever Used

Stop Acting So Small. 

 in Ecstatic Motion.

— Rumi

Stop Acting So Small. You are the

in Ecstatic Motion.


You are the


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