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It's the seemingly small moments of life that create the world of our dreams.
What are you waiting for! 

In as little as 5 min a day...You can completely change your life!

Easily incorporate rituals into your life as a way of creating deep, lasting embodiment.

Awaken the passions, dreams, and expansion in your life you have been yearning for.

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An Integration + 30 Day Challenge...
That Will Change Your Life!

We aren't all the same! Duh, Right?! Your passions, rituals, and dreams may not look the same as mine. My life explorations may not suit your lifestyle or heart. So it's no wonder that we feel so overwhelmed trying to make one shoe fit. Besides, who only wants one shoe? Or one way to approach things? In this journey together we go on an adventure of discovering YOUR rituals, and how to use them to help you create the life of your dreams!

Learn how to find your perfect life rituals + Integrate them into your daily life easily

Guided through Adventure prompts, vision mapping + unlocking your magic

Tool kit and next actions, breath work, meditations, actionable prompts, community, and more...

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The Truth

It sounds so simple, right? A few minutes a day, a few times a week...Rituals can change your life.

But it really is true! The hardest part about incorporating change in life is knowing where to start, what to start with, and how to find the focus to keep going. The key to change is discovering what drives and motivates your soul.... and then allowing space for creativity and change to emerge.

From the seed of a few minutes a day

Rituals create the sparkle, space, freedom and new sensation in your daily life. The moments of warmth, inspiration, creativity, joy, lightness, motivation. And slowly and all at once...
life changes- becoming all of what you dreamed it could be...

Rituals are like sparkling threads of fabric interwoven into the texture of your life...

Meet Your Guide

Hey, I'm Georgie, and I'm Obsessed with Up-levels & Life Transformations!

That all begins with Rituals! I'm going to share the same tools, hacks, and methods of creating your dream life I've learned and used as a life-long futurist, channel, medium, and quantum healer, and a business consultant for start-ups and major brands. I love understanding how things work then finding the easier, more accessible pathway. Sharing these discoveries and teaching others how to use them in their own personal transformations is my greatest passion. Life really can be so incredibly fun and beautiful...  Rituals are the keys!


“ I have felt so amazing it is hard to describe!!”

I've felt peace, complete rejuvenation and energy!
So much so that others approached me, even strangers, and commented. It is like I can see potential I didn’t know was there. I am feeling more joy and peace consistently. I have more belief in myself that is allowing me the courage and foresight to start a new business!

tiffany, Psychologist/Yogi

“Truly brought peace into my life...”

These courses truly brought peace into my life at a time I needed it most!!! Georgie has such a big heart and it definitely transfers over into the whole experience!

Hanna, Entrepreneur

is for you

You're ready for BIG life changes but don't know where to start

You've tried routines and rituals, but they never seem to stick + you still feel pretty meh about it

You're SOOO ready to FEEL inspired, creative, and focused in life


You're ready to see your dream life finally happen!

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Yes! I'm 100% Ready to Discover My Rituals!

dream life design + integration-
Create your dram life!

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