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Turn inward and connect with your divine heart space in this reiki infused guided Heart Connection Meditation. Revisit time and time again to unlock blocks, release limiting beliefs and emotions, and remember who you truly are!

Heart Connecting Reiki Meditation

Heart Connection Meditation

Hey! I'm Georgiana,
and I'm Obsessed with Guiding Others to Deep Empowerment!

This comes from my own healing journey, being a deep life explorer and seeker, and all that I've learned and discovered as a life-long quantum shaman, futurist, channel, medium, and healer, and a business strategist for start-ups and major brands. I love understanding how things work then finding the easier, more accessible pathway. Sharing these discoveries and teaching others how to use them in their own personal transformations is my greatest passion. Life really can be so incredibly fun and beautiful... Empowerment is our Foundation.

xoxo, Georgie