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Deep Empowerment is Calling You... Empowered is more than feeling confident, it's tapping into the unwavering truth of YOUR knowing + being. It's time to live the Empowered life you were born to life...

Learn how to embody your unique empowerment.

Discover what empowerment is and how to easily access your awareness and self-trust.

Are you ready for FREEDOM, clarity, empowerment, passion, and deep trust in your decisions, actions, and in your life?

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I'm Ready for my empowerment!


Claim Your Birthright,
Your Empowerment from Within.

Join me in this Intensive 5 Week Program where you're going to deep dive into discovering your true empowerment. This wisdom is the key that unlocks EVERYTHING! Your freedom, truth, intuition, decisions, career, relationships...When you own your empowerment, life truly becomes a limitless adventure. Are you ready?!

Release inner blocks + learn the Tools to redesign and unlock your patterns. Yup, You'll actually love up your shadows and embrace your challenges!

Connect with your inner sage + wisdom keeper.... and learn how to always come back to yourself.

Learn mapping for your steps forward! Plus Tools, Resources, Community for your empowerment journey!

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Empowerment sounds simple enough right?It is... when you know where to start!

We've heard the old adages... "fake it til you make it, dress up to feel more confident, empowerment is in the actions." For most, they feel lost before they even start. It can be scary, terrifying even, to take the steps in our lives towards our deep inner wisdom... our Empowerment.

You Got This, Love!

I've created this program from my decades of experience helping others quickly and easily tap into their deepest empowerment and watching their lives change beyond belief. These are the systems and tools I have taught them, and I learned as I found my own journey to empowerment.  I know it's scary, I know it's hard...but you can do this! I know you are capable of amazing things, you just need the tools and steps of "how" so you can soar hight and shine bright!

That's why this is for you...

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Georgie and I'm Obsessed with Guiding Others to Deep Empowerment

This comes from my own healing journey, being a deep life explorer and seeker, and all that I've learned and discovered as a life-long futurist, channel, medium, and quantum healer, and a business consultant for start-ups and major brands. I love understanding how things work then finding the easier, more accessible pathway. Sharing these discoveries and teaching others how to use them in their own personal transformations is my greatest passion. Life really can be so incredibly fun and beautiful... Empowerment is our Foundation.


“Georgiana has a powerful gift of helping people.”

She has been incredible at guiding me through a process of transforming my greatest weaknesses into my greatest strengths. I will forever be grateful for the support, vision, and tools she provided.


“It was nothing short of amazing!”

 I feel more confident in my work and yoga teaching. I have a deeper understanding of myself and clarity in my own capabilities, and the confidence to breakthrough my limiting beliefs and perfectionist tendencies. It has given me a more excitable relationship to my self and the journey... I know that this knowledge will anchor and shape my journey for years to come. 

Jade, Engineer + Yogi

Is For You    

You're ready to break through all your limits...

You're meant for more, but don't know where to start...

You show up for the hard work if you can gain the reward...


You're ready to feel empowered, unstoppable, and free in every area of your life and decisions!

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This is the moment you choose YOU... and never look back!