You feel it in your Soul!

Love, I know you are ready for the life you are meant for! You feel it in your soul. The magic and ease of it. It's time to Align to all that is calling you.

Learn how to align and call in your dreams.

embodiment: Accessing your full toolkit for alignment

understanding subtleties and using them in alignment

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I'm ready to Align!


Your Visions & Dreams are Guiding You Home...

My Love...Everything you are and ever have wanted is destined and designed inside of you! Imagine your body, skills, mind, the things you are drawn to...they are your tools to help you Align to that vision. You have felt the inner nudges, loud or small, and you know there is something more you are ready for! I've created this program to teach you my simple and actionable methods for getting into alignment, creating a life from this place, and navigating my way back when thrown off course...You can too!
Together, we'll be diving into:

 how to set goals in alignment that actually work for you & Your Life

Understand and strengthen your awareness...the key to alignment

Daily practices, tools & resources, notes on shadow healing, and So much more... 

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It's more easeful than you think

If Alignment is so simple, why do I feel so lost and mis-aligned?

Sometimes it's the simple things that we can overcomplicate and misunderstand the most. Just because something is working for someone else, doesn't mean its meant for you. You are unique. Your calling is unique.
Your way of doing and creating are unique to you.
Your Alignment is Yours.

"Cherish Forever What Makes You Unique" 
-Bette Midler

And that's why we're doing this!

In a world where we are conditioned to disassociate from ourselves, learning how to deeply connect and turn inwards is exactly the key to finding our way... calling in and living in alignment of our greatest lives!

You're Unique, Your Alignment is Unique... And now, you're going to learn how to make it work for you!

Meet Your guide

Hey, I'm Georgie, and I'm Obsessed with Up-levels & Life Transformations!

It definitely has to do with all that I've learned and discovered as a life-long futurist, channel, medium, and quantum healer, and a business consultant for start-ups and major brands. I love understanding how things work then finding the easier, more accessible pathway. Sharing these discoveries and teaching others how to use them in their own personal transformations is my greatest  passion. Life really can be so incredibly fun and beautiful... if we allow it!

foUNDER of chaos & Calm
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“So empowering, I've never felt as understood or uplifted!!”

I needed to better understand how I work. How to breakthrough blocks keeping me from knowing myself truly and trusting how I operate. This new found confidence and trust in myself has been so impactful.

jordan, stylist

“Georgiana is a light-A catalyst to help you show up for your inner calling.”

Her years of experience and passion are evident from the way she shows up in this space. It's clear support and nurture are her intentions, in all she does.

Karla, teacher

You Know This Is Aligned Is For You    

You know deep down more is calling you...

You feel overwhelmed trying to find answers...

You want tools and actionable steps to make it simple...


You're ready to align to the life you've been dreaming of...

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Breathe & Flow into the life you're meant to live...
life is calling you!
 This course is for you, Love



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